Is Fli Audio Any Good?

Is Fli Audio any good?

Before we start, we’d like to state for the record if your looking for window shattering, breathtaking, airbag deploying subwoofers your going to want to purchase “BlackDeath Bubonic Subwoofers & BlackDeath series speakers and amplifiers” as FLI is the little brother brand of Vibe a British car audio company, and in no way and/or shape can handle EXTREME AMPLIFIED BASS.
Now then,  if your looking for car audio that has really good sound that’s deep, clean, and can be played for hours on in; that’s also cost effective, your best bet is Fli Audio. This brand isn’t like any “cost effective” Car Audio you’ve ever dealt with or heard of.

We’ve had the FLI brand in our Demo Vehicle for a quite sometime, and we must say that what FLI brings to the table is something different, that has all the people at the shows loving the quality they hear.

In fact, its to the point where our demos average 10- 30 minutes per person. Whatever Vibe Audio is giving to Fli Audio its gotta be good because 86+ demos we can say with 100% guarantee that FLI Audio can play any type of music, with ease and for long loud periods of time.

The only “downside” is that FLI does not make a DVC subwoofer ; that’s pretty much it.

If your interested in trying something new; next time you are at your local car audio shop or shopping online give FLI a try, you wont be disappointed.

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